Ted Trailer

The red band trailer for Seth MacFarlane's "Ted" starring Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis and Seth MacFarlane. John wishes his teddy bear to their life.

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Ted Wallpaper

I've found the collection of wallpaper of Ted :)

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Some screenshot:

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Cast in Ted

  • Mark Wahlberg as John Bennett
    • Colton Shires as teenage John Bennett (opening credits).
    • Brett Manley as young John Bennett.
  • Mila Kunis as Lori Collins, John's girlfriend.
  • Joel McHale as Rex, Lori's boss and stalker.
  • Giovanni Ribisi as Donny, a "fan" of Ted who kidnaps him for his spoiled brat son, Robert.
  • Aedin Mincks as Robert, Donny's son.
  • Patrick Warburton as Guy, John's second best friend and fellow co-worker.
  • Matt Walsh as Thomas, John's boss.
  • Jessica Barth as Tami-Lynn, Ted's girlfriend and fellow co-worker.
  • Bill Smitrovich as Frank Stevens, Ted and Tami's boss and supermarket manager.
  • Ralph Garman as Steve Bennett, John's father.
  • Laura Vandervoort as Tanya Terry, one of John's colleagues.
  • John Viener as Alix, one of John's co-workers.
  • Jessica Stroup as Tracy, one of Lori's colleagues.
  • Ginger Gonzaga as Gina, one of Lori's colleagues.
  • Melissa Ordway as Michelle, Lori's co-worker.
  • Robert Wu as Mr. Ming, Ted's next door neighbor.


  • Sam J. Jones, playing a fictionalized version of himself, as Ted and John's TV idol
  • Mike Henry as a newscaster
  • Alex Borstein as Helen Bennett, John's mother.
  • Danny Smith as a waiter who serves John and Lori at their dinner date.
  • Ryan Reynolds as Jared, Guy's friend and later boyfriend.
  • Norah Jones, as a fictionalized version of herself.
  • Tom Skerritt, Thomas' idol.
  • Curtis Stigers as the piano player who played at the restaurant during John and Lori's anniversary dinner.
  • Ted Danson, as himself


  • Seth MacFarlane as Ted (Voice and motion capture), John's teddy bear and best friend, who speaks with a strong New England accent[5][6]
    • Zane Cowans as Young Ted
    • Tara Strong as Ted's "I Love You" function
  • Patrick Stewart as narrator

Information About Ted


Offical Page: tedisreal.com

Directed by
Seth MacFarlane
Produced by
Seth MacFarlane
Scott Stuber
John Jacobs
Jason Clark
Screenplay by
Seth MacFarlane
Alec Sulkin
Wellesley Wild
Story by
Seth MacFarlane
Narrated by
Patrick Stewart
Mark Wahlberg
Mila Kunis
Seth MacFarlane
Joel McHale
Giovanni Ribisi
Music by
Walter Murphy
Michael Barrett
Editing by
Jeff Freeman
Media Rights Capital
Fuzzy Door Productions
Bluegrass Films
Smart Entertainment
Distributed by
Universal Pictures
Release date(s)
  • July 13, 2012
(U.S. release)
Running time
106 minutes
112 minutes (unrated version)
Box office

CategoryRecipients and nomineesResult
Teen Choice Awards
Choice Summer Movie: Comedy or MusicTedNominated
Choice Movie VoiceSeth MacFarlane as TedNominated
Choice Movie ChemistrySeth MacFarlane and Mark WahlbergNominated
Academy Awards
Best Original Song"Everybody Needs a Best Friend" - Seth MacFarlane and Walter MurphyNominated
People's Choice Awards
Favorite Comedy MovieTedWon
Empire Award
Best ComedyTedWon
MTV Movie Awards
Movie of the YearTedNominated
Best Female PerformanceMila KunisNominated
Best Shirtless PerformanceSeth MacFarlaneNominated
Best KissMila Kunis and Mark WahlbergNominated
Best FightSeth MacFarlane and Mark WahlbergNominated
Best On-Screen DuoSeth MacFarlane and Mark WahlbergWon
Best WTF MomentSeth MacFarlaneNominated
Saturn Awards
Best Fantasy FilmTedNominated
Critics' Choice Awards
Best ComedyTedNominated
Best Actor in a ComedyMark WahlbergNominated
Best Actress in a ComedyMila KunisNominated
Spike Guys' Choice Awards
Guy Movie of the YearTedWon
Best Fight SceneMark WahlbergWon

Plot Summary Of Ted


Plot Of Ted

In Boston, Massachusetts of 1985, John Bennett is a lonely boy who can not make any friends. One Christmas, he receives a teddy bear from his parents and immediately grows attached to it. John names him Teddy, and wishes one night that Ted could be alive; inexplicably, a shooting star passing overhead causes his wish to come true and Ted is alive the next morning, much to the fear and eventual jubilation of his parents. Due to John Bennett's sentience, Ted becomes a celebrity for a short period of time.
Twenty-seven years later in 2012, John works at a car rental place and has continued a strong bond with Ted, which his girlfriend (Lori) doesn't like as she thinks their friendship, which includes mass consumption of alcohol and drugs, is keeping John mentally a child. On their four year anniversary, John and Lori come home to find Ted with a quintet of hookers; one of them having defecated on the floor during a game of Truth or Dare.

Lori gives John a chance to prove he can live without Ted, and John relents, helping Ted get an apartment and a job at a grocery store which his rather crude and rash behavior is praised and he is quickly promoted after having sex(I'm not sure) with a new cashier, Tami-Lynn, while on shift. Their daily hangouts become frustrating to Lori as John uses excuses to cut out of his responsibilities and work early, so she gives him a final chance.
During a walking in the park, Ted and John are approached by a man named Donny and his overweight and bratty son Robert with an offer to buy him from John which they refuse. Lori and John attend a party hosted by her boss Rex, whose crush on her is frustrating to both of them. Ted calls and tells John that Sam Jones from Flash Gordon (their favorite childhood movie) is attending a housewarming party at his house, in which he had just moved in. John resists at first not wanting to hurt Lori, but Ted quickly convinces him to come meet their childhood hero. Once there, John and Ted join Sam in several shots of alcohol and drugs, as well as karaoke, but this escalates into a fist fight with Ted's Asian neighbor Ming, who Sam mistakes for his movie's villain Emperor Ming. John soon realizes the time but when he leaves, Lori comes in and tearfully breaks up with him, breaking John's heart. Realizing Ted's influence is to blame, he tells Ted to stay away from him and goes to live in a hotel.
A week later, Rex, still pursuing Lori asks her out on a date and she accepts, hoping to get over John. Ted comes to John and after John provokes Ted into a fight that ends with a lamp and television falling on John, they reconcile, and decide to interrupt the Norah Jones concert that Lori is attending. John tries to sing a special song to her, in which he sings terribly, but Lori is touched by his attempt. John is then quickly booed off stage as Lori ends the date with Rex and returns to home.
The next day, Ted walks over to Lori at her place and tells her that John is lost without her and offers to leave forever if it would help their happiness, and he tells her the whole truth about what happened that night they were at Rex's. Lori considers this and leaves to meet John, but Ted is shortly thereafter kidnapped by Donny and Robert. Taken to their home, Ted discovers pictures of himself on the wall, and Donny explains that he had seen Ted before (a time when he was on TV during Donny's celebrity) and had questioned his father into getting a sentient bear. After he had refused, Donny reveals that he would never say no to his son. During Robert's play-time, Ted has one of his ears ripped off, due to his foul mouth, but tricks the boy into playing a game of hide and seek, using the distraction to staple his ear back on and call John who had reconciled with Lori, but he is caught by Donny. They go to Donny's house to rescue Ted. Just as they are escaping with Ted, Donny and Robert give chase that leads them to Fenway Park. Ted is injured during the chase but manages to outrun Donny as they climb up one of the spotlight towers. Donny grabs Ted by the foot and accidentally tears Ted in half, who falls to the stadium floor. Donny escapes when the police show up as John and Lori frantically try to piece Ted back together. He admits that the two of them need each other more than they need him, and the magic that gave him life leaves him an ordinary teddy bear again.
Lori and John rush home, refusing to accept his death, but they are unable to patch him up and accept that he is gone. That midnight as John sleeps, Lori sees a shooting star and makes a wish, and the following morning, Ted is revealed to be alive but manages to fool John into thinking he was resurrected mentally retarded. John exclaims that Lori wished for Ted's life back and she corrects him saying that she wished for her life back instead, and John finally proposes to her, Ted becomes the best man at their wedding while the ordained Sam Jones presides over the service and Ted finally realizes their place together (Happy ending! )
The narrator (Patrick Stewart) reveals what happens to the characters after John and Lori are married:
  • Ted continues dating Tami-Lynn and gets promoted to store manager when Ted'sboss catches him eating potato salad off of Tami-Lynn's bare bottom.
  • Sam Jones moves back to Hollywood with his goal to restart his film career and shares a studio apartment in Burbank, California with Brandon Routh. The narrator then goes on to complain about Brandon Routh in "that god-awful Superman movie".
  • Rex gives up his pursuit of Lori, goes into a deep depression, and finally dies of "Lou Gehrig's disease" (referencing an earlier scene in which John tells Rex that he wishes this would happen).
  • Donny gets arrested and sent to jail for kidnapping Ted, but the charges were dropped when everyone realized the ridiculousness of the idea of being arrested for kidnapping a sentient plush toy.
  • Robert gets a trainer, loses a lot of weight, and goes on to become Taylor Lautner :)).

For more details, visit the Offical Ted Page